The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

In this post, I am going to give my open and honest review. The content here is with my own words that I feel are facts for I am a WA (Premium) member and I would like to demonstrate the good, bad and ugly so I won’t be biased in no way. So, with that said we should dive in. Shall we?


WA is an all in one platform that allows you to make your own business, grow and maintain that business (will talk about price soon). The service includes thousands of training that goes step by step in helping you succeed, community support (the best part), live classes and website hosting through word press with in bedded SEO tools that you use keyword searches using Jaxxy that is free for a week til you are a premium member.


Level 1- Getting Started

Here you’ll learn to navigate the community, complete your account setup, and take a look at what you get from upgrading to a Premium account. You’ll learn to:

  • Create your money goals
  • Choose your niche
  • Build your website
  • Make your site SEO-friendly
  • Create engaging website content
  • Set up your site’s menus
  • Research “low hanging fruit” keywords
  • List Element

In this training you will have tasks to take action on and check off once completed. Once completed you can continue on to the next task.

There are 27 tasks to complete in this training along with 9 videos that total of 2 hours and 51 minutes.

Level 2- Getting traffic

This is how you will learn to get people/traffic/guests to come to your site organically by trying to rank high on Google. By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

  • Pick and purchase a brandable domain name
  • Transfer your site to your new domain name
  • Learn more about targeting SEO keywords
  • Pick relevant images to support your content
  • Post your website in the WA community to get comments and constructive criticism
  • Set up your domain-specific email account
  • Increase your productivity and produce MORE blog posts
  • Learn to sell the Wealthy Affiliate course and post on their blog.

There are 35 tasks you will have to complete along with a total of 2 hours and 27 minutes of watching videos.

Level 3- Generating An Income

In this training they will teach you how to earn money from your site that you just made. In this level you will:

  • Learn about the “customer purchase lifecycle”
  • Locate affiliate offers and find the right ones
  • Learn to promote Amazon products
  • Add affiliate links to your pages
  • Learn to leverage the power of product reviews
  • Get paid to display Google Ads on your site
  • Learn to use Google Analytics

This is what everybody wants to see, for they want to see the money rolling in and how to do it. In the level you will have to do 28 tasks along with watching an 1 hour and 22 minutes of videos(5 videos).

Level 4- Leverage Social Media

Another way to maximize your traffic. The training includes the following:

  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share your blog posts
  • Managing your blog comments
  • Utilizing Facebook intelligently to create a discussion
  • Find trending topics on Twitter to harness in your posts
  • Use Google Plus to share your posts (This has since been outmoded)
  • Learn to use the WA social community
  • Learn which social media to use and when

This section is key along with SEO tools you use for keywords. This level requires 34 tasks along with 50 minutes and 21 seconds of videos(5).

Uploaded to for free use.

Level 5- Improve Your Content Writing

You have to write to get your point across and review products to engage loyal customers/fans/leads/fan base so they can buy what you are selling.

This level will teach you how to:

  • How to write content efficiently
  • Converting your traffic into more sales
  • Making sure people read and engage with your content
  • An analysis of conversions from a successful website
  • Strategies for longer term success
  • Scaling up your business
  • Making sure your content is visually appealing
  • Use webmaster tools to track your site
  • Setting a yearly plan for your content creation
  • Getting indexed and ranked in Bing and Yahoo
  • Look into ways for outsourcing your content

In this level their are 36 tasks along with 9 videos that totals 2 hours and 11 minutes.


There are 7 phases about this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate alone. The tip here is if you already did the first level, you pretty much did the Boot Camp of making site and other tasks, but I will put the steps again for there are a few tweaks.


-Pretty much the same as the “Getting Started” module. There are 8 videos, for a total of 2 hours and 33 minutes.


-Very similar to the training prior, but goes on talking about marketing WA. It includes 6 videos, totaling 1 hour and 22 hours.


-Again, same training you went through in the 3rd level with a few tweaks here and there. Six videos are here, totaling 54 minutes and 14 seconds.


-Something new, you will learn the importance of reviews and how to improve reviews. Graphs and charts are used to help you get a better understanding and how to use simple text-based visuals for your websites.


The content you create helps get more referrals. This is similar to the training content creation. You would want to write this as an article so guest or other people intrigued by your content would write comments that is discussed to get them to convert from commenters to sales.

In the training YouTube is discussed to use as an additional source of traffic and how to use keywords(mainly Jaxxy that is in the research tab) to research for the platform. Once it is done, you upload your video to YouTube so it can get ranked on Google for traffic.


In this training you are taught about PPC(Pay Per Click) for Bing and Yahoo as well as getting indexed quickly. Also, what is discussed here is Bing’s Webmaster Tools that can show your content to the public, all organically of course.


In this training, you will learn how to further your use of PPC to really rank up on keywords that are already doing well in sales.

In this training, they also mention that you can use keywords with a lot of competition for you to beat with SEO. They also mention that you can target keywords with too much competition for you to beat with SEO.

Bonus 2- Customer Purchase Lifecycle

This teaches you how people make their buying decisions. This enable you to hone in on your customers at the right step of the process so they are buyer ready.

Of course, keywords are used to get these customers/leads along with big names is thoroughly explained. With this, you are able to get some traffic that go directly to the source.

Lastly, in this process it talks about how you need to put yourself into the customer shoes and making somebody turn into a long-term customer.

My Review

I like WA for you have a community that want you to succeed. It is a platform that most of the tools you need, but is lacking some main things you need to do follow-ups outside of WA to obtain leads, opt-ins to build a list and how you need to stay in contact with your list through emails outside of WA. Wealthy Affiliate make it seems this is the best way and millions already joined. My thing is if so many people joined how are we going to get new people that are interested. Is the market already saturated? Perhaps on how you look at it. However, if this is your first time taking a look at wealthy affiliate it doesn’t hurt to try it out for yourself for it is free the first week. I leave the link below. Therefore, my rating is 4/5.

10 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews”

  1. This is a very nice straight forward review of Wealthy Affiliate. You encompass all the main areas of the training and how it works.

    I was able to get a different view of the advantages of this online platform as well as being reminded of what it takes to buidl a successful business. Driving traffic to our websites is critical and you explained very well the importance of SEO andkeyword research.

    After reading your article, anyone who is truly interested in building an online business with a strong foundation and which is scalable can be convinced of the high value of this platform. I look forward to your future articles.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I have plenty of articles that you can view from the right panel or top panel. Please enjoy. 🙂 

  2. Hello, 

    A helpful and detailed review.

    I am in the Wealthy Affiliate blog for almost a year, and I am happy to be here: many training classes, videos, and detailed explanations of every little thing. 

    I am interested in Boot Camp, but I am on Lever 4. Do I need to finish all levels and start Boot Camp, or can I do both the same times?

    • Hi jpaliskis,

      Glad you are here. I have done both the boot camp and training’s at the same time. Boot camp and the first training is practically the same, but just a little different. I say go at your own pace so you can fully develop and understand what you need to do.

  3. This is unbias and very very truthful about the platform. I like how you have presented this gehgh about wealthy affiliate. I do not think that so many will love to say the fact about it the way you have presented it. It is a very good platform that teaches a lot but the information might not be enough. What I love however is the fact that there is a community of people ready to help. I like to think of wa as a  mini social media where you can meet people from many works of life.

    • Hi Henderson,

      I tried to be unbiased as possible so people would have a great idea of the platform. It does have a lot of perks of being a member, but does a lack a few things, but it tries to cover it in other trainings/classes.

  4. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform that is capable of helping any affiliate marketer into making the right decisions when it comes to earning inline. The platform is perfect for any affiliate marketer to learn the rudiments of marketing and the essentials that can make he difference overtime. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Thumbs up

  5. Hi Brittany, 

    Great post about Wealthy Affiliate! I have been a member for about 9 months and really enjoying it so far! I have learned so much and have already seen some results and cannot wait for more. Once you get going, it’s pretty addictive. I love that all the info I need is here in one place with access to many successful people all willing to help!

    Thanks for the great review!


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