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Greetings everyone, Road to Success here and I know a lot of people are trying to make money online for free. We often think if a program or network ask for more money it is a scam or some type of MLM. There are various making money online programs that are free beginners and for those that are advanced. Here are a few list along with the names.

Taking Surveys

I have been taking surveys since I was 16 years old. I couldn’t get a job for I needed a worker permit in order to work and I didn’t want to wait until I was 18. So, I took Surveys and I took loads of them. I signed up for various surveys and earned a nice income for a young teenager. It wasn’t a lot of money for the surveys range from 0.25 to $10 and can last up to 1 minute to an hour of time. Please be advised that you can’t rush through the surveys for they monitor them and you have to be honest while taking the surveys. So, what are some of the surveys I took. Here a few to get you started.


You know instead of just buying things for low prices on EBay you can also sell your old stuff or things that you don’t need/want anymore for a profit. I have done this a few times as well. For example, when I buy a new phone, I sell my old one for I always keep the box, charger and manual to sell for even a higher profit. My phone is usually in a fair cosmetic condition for I try not to drop my phone, but if it has big scratches and dents I sell it for less. I have also sold old items that is just simply taking up space in my home. Your income is endless when you sell your own stuff on EBay. The process of selling is also easy so you should get started today!


I also did this when I was younger for I did not call myself a secretshopper, but an auditor. It is almost the same thing so I called myself that. You can make easily up to $5-$300+ per shop. What is a secretshopper? Someone that goes to different stores, restaurants, gas stations or businesses and just watch for quality insurance of the store. Some of the things you look for is how are the customers being treated, are the staff well groomed, cleanliness of the place and much more. This all depends on the type of secret shopping you are doing. You may be asking how is this online for I don’t want to do this going to a brick a mortar place. You do the feedback of what you gathered online and you get paid. You have to pay for something in store to prove you was there and keep the receipt and upload the receipt for proof and you get reimbursed for your purchase. Now, it is another way that is totally online, but you won’t get paid much. All you have to do is view websites and tell how clean they look, professional, fast loading etc. You show proof by taking a picture of your screen and answer a few easy questions then you get paid. It is a lot of secretshopper websites as well as scams. My tip is to only do the ones that are free. I never had to pay for anything to get started and it was fun! I took family sometimes on my secret shopping experience for it was required. Some of the things I did was many retail stores, bestbuy stores, bowling and skating areas, food stores with the possibility of traveling and recreational parks. That simple.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is almost as simple as copying and pasting links. You simply just find sellers that want their products promoted. You get an affiliate link and post that link into your website or high traffic social media sites or YouTube videos. However, it is more to it if you are trying to make more money. You have to do email marketing of follow-ups, landing pages, back end selling. If you are new this is still a good place to be to make money online for free and I simply suggest you start here for you will receive all the training you will need to get started. Even if you are advanced it can work out for you as well. You will be learning and working on making money online all at the same time. You can easily make $100/day or more for the potential is up to you and how much work you put into it. Again that simple.

8 thoughts on “Make money online for free”

  1. Quite an interesting post you have up here and I’m delighted that you have shared this here. In all honesty, this post is really interesting because it is addressing exactly what I was looking for online. I quite found this to be of significance to me. Taking surveys seems okay but I have heard a lot of negativity about them thanks

    • Hi Roadarrick,

      I am glad this has helped you out. Yes there are a lot of scammy surveys out there, but I been through a lot of them and majority of them delivered. It does take a while to cash out with some survey companies and the rewards are good ranging from gift cards to donations and checks.

  2. Hi ,thanks for sharing this post with us .I am very graithful for this because it is very helpful, I can start with surveys and make some profit .I am very happy that you talked about scams because that can happen to any person, even to begginers like me. Thanks for supporting me to make some surveys and giving tips. I Hope you all have a good night.

    • Hi Qaalid,

      I am glad I encouraged you to take surveys. I am still taking surveys only with the ones with the best payouts though. With the profits they can be small like pocket cash for gas or lunch. It’s not a bad income. All the best in your success.

  3. The survey takes does take some time and can be frustrating. How often did you answer survey questions for about five minutes to be told don’t qualify for a reward? The selling on eBay of old items no longer need is very easy. I sell grandkids clothes they never are worn or like-new condition after they can no longer wear.

    • Hi Jannette,

      Taking surveys can be exhausting and surly does takes to much time for little money. It does adds up, but much effort is required. I usually can get through a survey between 5-10 minutes and I was told I don’t qualify so I either earn nothing or the best ones just give me a few cents for trying.

  4. You thoughts on a few of the main ways to earn money online are helpful.  I have experience with both MLM and surveys.  Although the MLM I was in was legit, I found that it was very difficult to constantly be recruiting to build the network under me.  I did make money but just ran out of time and energy.  I did a variety of survey’s for awhile – not of which you mentioned.  The amount per survey was not great so I had to do a ton of surveys.  I did make money but got exhausted.  Affiliate marketing seems to be the best way for me.  I write about a type of product and then market that product for others earning commissions.  For me the advantages are, not recruiting, no money spent on inventory and I love to write.  Thanks for your article.  I agree with what you wrote.

    • Hi Anastazja,

      Yes, this is why I quit doing surveys like I did for you have to do a ton of surveys to get to the payout. I like Secret Shopping and affiliate marketing the most, with affiliate marketing of wealthy affiliate the best.


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