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Hello Guys and Gals, Road to Success here talking to you more about working from home and coming up with another idea to start from scratch of working from home. Have you ever thought about having your own brand of magazines? We all read a magazine or even a newspaper before, now you can have your own home based business magazine. Your not warmed up the idea yet? That is fine lets dive deeper into what this can do for you today! Shall we?


What is RebrandMagz?

RebrandMagz Magazines is your own success opportunity to make income you been wanting to make on a monthly basis. All you do is set up 4 different magazines each month and the best part? you don’t write a single word of content for yourself. With Rebrandmagz they license you FULL control to publish the magazines as your own. You can distribute the magazines to your clients, teach them and raise your profile , you can also just publish the magazine and charge them a custom price of your choice or you can sell this product advertising and monetize it in more than 7 different ways! It’s your home magazine business for you will receive:

  • The most up-to-date stats and analysis of the best digital products and Niche.
  • Exciting marketing tools and tips to help you take your marketing experience to the next level
  • In-depth reports on what’s working and what’s not in digital marketing

Not intrigued yet?

So, what can it do for me?

First off you will own these magazines that you will call your own. You get a set of 4 magazines in different niches to reach a wide range of people. You get full rights to this and the best part you get 100% of the money. It is yours so why not get all the profits right? You can sell and resell monthly. 

I know I might sound repetitive, but sometimes people won’t understand until they hear and see it a few times. With this home business magazine you can change all the designs of the magazines to create your own image that you know people would love.

All you have to do is insert your affiliate links for JVzoo, Warriorplus, Zaxaa, JVshare, Wealthyaffiliate and Clickbank.

 Cool, What is included?

  • Monthly updates of advanced marketing tricks and tips
  • Game changing Articles with insider secrets from Top Professionals
  • Content to start your own newsletter for your customers
  • Markting analysis with stats and reports of top converting products in the marketplace
  • Social Media notifications with highlights of what is going on in the digital marketing niche
  • 40-Page Monthly Magazine for Netpreneurs, Vendors, Affiliates, Bloggers, Freelancers etc
  • Full customization that is done for you, just tell them what you need so you can repackage and resell
  • Exclusive rights to the magazines

That sounds good, but what niche does it have?

There is a different that may fit your needs. If you are in the dating or relationship niche then this is for you. Some topics discussed are body language, speed dating, romance, secrets, how to get your ex back, first dates and so much more. To give you a hint this is one of the biggest and most profitable niche in the world today. Wouldn’t you want to tap into that cash flow? You sure can right here . Here is a quick peek of what to expect inside each monthly magazine.

  • 20 well researched dating and relationship articles
  • Over 50 pages of content every month
  • FULLY CUSTIMIZABLE to your liking and customers
  • FULL rights to articles and magazines
  • Can offer it to your own membership

Another niche is the health niche. These are all done for you with articles that you can use to market your business, teach your subscribers, create, use as web content for your blogs then resell it as your own. Let’s take a look inside shall we?

These are just some of the niche that we have for we have a lot more so find yours and get started!

How can I generate Income then?

If you don’t know how to start or where to start to generate an income. Here Are 7 Easy Ways you can get started to start earning money today with your home based business online that can generate MONTHLY income.

Sell Advertising

You can charge business( small and large) and individuals to advertise on your magazine for a price each month.

Embed Your Affiliates Links

Just copy and paste your links as buyers click on them you make money once they buy.

Build Hot List Of Subscribers

You can use the magazine to build subscribers to offer to them either for free or a little fee.

Offer Solo Ads

Offer ads to your customers and subscribers.

Sell Your Own Products

If you already have products or services, you can sell this along with it to earn an additional income.

Raise Brand Exposure

Help raise an awareness and expand your own brand with free exposure for whatever product or service you are promoting.


Sell Digital Magazine

Just sell it at a nice price online digitally instead of paper form and turn it into a nice monthly income

Sell the Print Magazine

Just sell it at a nice price in paper form and turn it into a nice monthly income.


With rebrand magz all the hard work is done for and fully customizeable to your standards. This is newbie friendly for anybody that want to have a home business magazine and have a home based magazine business. I pretty much summed this up for you for all you have to do is make it yours now.


Your Time Is Money! So Don’t…

  • Waste your money hiring a graphic designer that can be expensive
  • Waste your money finding freelancers that might now convert
  • Pay high fees charged by a photographer
  • Spend endless hours finding someone to get your magazine published
  • Overall Rank: 3.5/4
  • Price: Varies with monthly payment and yearly
  • Guarantee: YES



10 thoughts on “Home business magazine”

  1. Wow, this is one I’ve never come across. Something I love about Rebrand is that you keep 100% of what you earn – that’s rare in this business. I like the versatility as well, with several ways to generate income from these. I’m curious to see what all they offer niche-wise – I’d love for it to be something in the health/fitness niche. And it’s cool that they’re your magazines as well. Something truly innovative and good for anyone who wants their own brand of magazines. 

    • Hi Todd,

      There are magazines for the health niche for they try to cover all the hottest niche. The magazines can be sold online to read or physically.

  2. RebrandMagz is really worthwhile to see and I must say that I love every bit of this information and thank you so much for sharing here. In all honesty, this magazine business is worthwhile and if I can, I will try all my best to invest into this. Thus is really a great offer for anyone and I can see a lot of potentials in here. Thank you so much for this. I will check it out right now

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      I am glad it is of help to you. Some people already invested in this successfully and you can too!

  3. Honestly, it sounds too good to be true because I was wondering how this company on their own would be able to make anything for themselves if this works like this. I am the owner of the magazine and I’d be able to make 100% of the money meanwhile it’s the company that gives the content and everything. I feel like it’s a good opportunity to own my own magazine. Have you tried this before? How much do you think I can make in a month?

    • Henderson,

      I don’t see it too good to be true for just like anything there are flaws that is why I gave it the rating I did. It lacks the uncertainty if you won’t make sales, then what will happen? Can I still sell these magazines? Even I can just a little bit I am stuck with hundreds of magazines. It is different packages for people that are interested in pick to fit their needs. The amount you can make each month solely depends on you for my results will differ from yours depending on your client base and needs.

  4. Making money online isn’t just about writing on your blog or waiting for the customers to bring in sales for you. The ability to develop yourself and have a wide understand towards your business is a part of business many people do not do often. O have been a bit unserious with reading of magazines lately, but knowing that are some that can be of benefits to my business and can help me grow, I would love to cultivate the habit of reading them. 

    • Hi Benson,

      I agree making money online is not about writing blogs for there are various ways to make money online and rebrand magz is one of them. It is not the end all be all. I admit a lot of people don’t read magazines, but a lot people still do, where do they read them? In hair salons, in waiting areas in businesses and just simply in people spare time digitally or physically.

  5. Its a great idea to own your own magazine! thank you for writing this story!
    My experience with the program so far
    I Think this good Idea! never thought about owning my own Magazine

    What I Like
    The website was informative I like it a lot …”Four Star”

    What I Dislike
    The Cost can be outrageous

    Final Verdict
    I Give two thumps up.. great job

    • Hi Leshaun,

      A lot of people haven’t heard about owning their own magazine. Have you ever owned one before? What are your experiences? I am intrigued to know. I am glad that the article resonates with you and thanks for the review! Stay tuned for more is to come.


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