Engage your readers

You want to write content that you are interested about of course. However, you want to engage your readers to be social. You want to encourage them to reply to your post, share your post their friends and family. The more you engage your readers the more traffic you gain.

How can you engage your readers

The way you can engage your readers is simply want to spread your content in different areas. Meaning, you can share your content from your website or blog onto your social media sites (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest). Then your readers can share that content to others, because it was insightful for them. With this you will get additional traffic and that additional traffic is free and all you did was post your content.

Ask for engagement from your readers

You want to have open ending conversations with your readers so they can come back to your site to respond. You can also ask questions to your readers to see how you can help. This is what it’s all about helping others. Searches look for solutions for their problems and if they come to you, you want to answer them through conversation. Simply don’t ask for engagement and don’t respond. I feel less traffic will happen so keep the flow going if you can with great responses.

Did you know?

More engagement in the comments leads to better rankings on google and other sites. You can’t fool google with fake comments so the comments have to be real and genuine. If you are helping others then this should come easily of being real and genuine to help engage your readers.

Now this is where you come in. What else do you think can help engage readers? pictures? offers? Let me know what you think down below.

4 thoughts on “Engage your readers”

  1. Very helpful information! I can definitely apply a lot of this to my blog right away so thanks so much for that. It can definitely be tricky to get engagement. I still struggle with it. Something someone told me early on was to write about things you want to read about but aren’t seeing anywhere. A bit hard to put into practice but it’s been helpful for me. Thanks again! Love your blog!


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